Why do I need to register?
You need to register so that we can keep an updated record of your progress and performance. Your password will ensure that only you and the site administrator can view your personal data.

What equipment will I need?

You will need speakers or headphones to hear the sound.

What software programmes do I need?

To download and view the Power Point presentations, you will need Power Point or comparable software. To download and view the videos, you will need a video player such as QuickTime.

Please ensure you that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer by clicking here. If you continue to experience difficulty viewing the videos or have low image quality, please view the lectures on DVD (your local trainer will have a copy of this).

How do I view the lectures?

There are 3 possible options: 1) View Online; 2) Download and view Offline; 3) Obtain DVD from your site clinical standardization trainer.

1. Online:  Note - this option is only suitable if you have a fast internet speed (bandwidth) at your site. Select the Online option and click on the title of the lecture. A video of the lecture, narrated by Dr Jane Crawley, will be streamed to your computer.

2. Offline: Select the Offline option. You have 2 choices. a) Download a video of the lecture: Click on the title of the lecture to start the download. Please note that it may take several minutes to download each video. Lectures 3 and 4 have the largest file sizes, and will take longest to download. We suggest, therefore, that you download the lectures overnight, when the internet is less busy. b) Download a Power Point version of the lecture, which is not narrated. This will download much faster than the video version, since it has a smaller file size. Please note that you must answer all of the accompanying questions and the final MCQ online, because we need to monitor and compare results from each site.

3. DVD: This may be the easiest option for sites with slow internet speeds. Your site clinical standardization trainer has DVDs containing all of the PERCH clinical standardization lectures. Please note that you must answer all of the accompanying questions and the final MCQ online, because we need to monitor and compare the results from each site.

I’m having difficulty viewing the videos Online: why is this?

The most likely explanation is that the bandwidth (internet speed) at your site is not sufficiently fast for you to be able to view the videos online. Please select the Offline option or contact your site clinical standardization trainer for a DVD.

How do I print my certificate?

´╗┐We suggest that you print the certificate out in Landscape format, using a colour printer. If you have problems obtaining a satisfactory result, please talk to your on-site clinical standardization trainer´╗┐, who will be able to print your certificate out for you.